galerij pi kwadraat

20 ceramists celebrate the anniversary of '20 years gallery π²'

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of gallery π² together with 20 ceramists. They have exibited in the gallery during this period. They are Paula Bastiaansen, Dick Blacquière, Mieke Everaet, Horst Göbbels, Vladimir Groh & Yasuyo Nishida, Hiromi Itabashi, Pavel Knapek, Thérèse Lebrun, Helen Martino, Anima Roos, Mieke Selleslagh, Hein Severijns, Margot Thyssen, Willy Van Bussel, Johan Van Geert, Ann Van Hoey, Marika Vansant, Paul Yperman, Stijn Yperman, Christiane Zeghers.

Opening on Sunday the 22nd September at 11 am. Open every Friday, Saterday and Sunday from 14 pm until 18 pm, and on appointment.